Tinkoff & Recovery

Tour de France time! The Tinkoff team is going hard so lots of recovery is needed. We asked the doctor of the team, Piet de Moor, about recovery process at the Tinkoff team!

“Recovery at the Tinkoff team is more or less the same for all members of the team. Within half an hour after the race they get their Recovery or High Protein Shake. They can choose which one they want, some prefer the Choco or Strawberry-Kiwi Recovery Shake, others prefer the High Protein Shake. Every rider has its own preferences and they can choose which shake they want.

We used to give all the riders sandwiches during the ride to the hotel but we changed this into personalized meals. Every rider has its own specific meal which includes: rice, corn, tuna, raisins,…. The team makes these meals in the morning and as every rider has its own needs / preferences after a race, we really try to make them as personalized as possible.

Nutrition is a huge part of recovery but there are some other factors that are important to stimulate recovery. All the riders get some kind of jackets to cool down and we make sure that the compression socks are ready to use immediately after their ride.

There are seven soigneurs so after a race they all get their own soigneur for their massage. They all get their massage at the same time which is great for the team spirit and they have the chance to eat all together afterwards.”