Triathlon pack

Etixx, the perfect partner for triathlon

Whether you are practising for your very first triathlon, or intensively training for an Ironman, the combination of swimming, cycling and running demands both endurance and discipline. Because you have to train for three different sports, you will often train late in the evening or early in the morning – sometimes even twice a day and for more than ten hours per week!

Managing an intensive training schedule

Since you have to train for 10 hours per week, you probably don’t have any free time left. However, you cannot allow this to disrupt your eating habits. After all, your diet is just as important as your training in the months leading up to the race. Why is that?

Because your food ensures that you stay healthy, provides you with energy during training, helps you to recover after each training session and rebuilds your muscles after exercise. A healthy combination of carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats is the triathletes best friend. Carbohydrates replenish your energy reserves and protein accelerates the recovery process in muscle tissue. Fats are essential for the effective absorption of vital micronutrients and are also an extra energy source thanks to their high calorific value.

Etixx sports nutrition, the partner for a triathlete

Are you having trouble fitting healthy meals in between training sessions? Are you looking for a balanced diet which will allow you to improve your performance? Etixx Sports Nutrition products are made with the highest quality ingredients. Here, the focus is not on the effect that the products have on your figure, but rather how they affect the way you feel. All of our supplements are tested and approved by top athletes, so we can guarantee that our products will help you to perform better as a triathlete.



  • Magnesium 2000 AA
  • Multimax


  • Energy Sport Bar
  • Isotonic


  • Isotonic
  • Energy Sport Bar
  • Isotonic Energy Gel
  • Ginseng & Guarana Energy Gel


  • Recovery Shake

Magnesium 2000 AA

Magnesium supports normal muscle function.

30 tabs


Vitamins and minerals.

45 tabs


Isotonic sports drink rich in carbohydrates, with a 2:1 (glucose:fructose) sugar combination and with electrolytes.


Energy Sport Bar

A perfect source of fuel for endurance athletes.


Ginseng & Guarana Energy Gel

Liquid food with plant extracts, taurine and vitamin C.


Isotonic Energy Gel

The ideal energy gel for exercise in hot weather.

12 x 40 g

Recovery Shake

Contains proteins which contribute to muscle recovery after exercise.


Drinking bottle 500 ml

See through drinking bottle 500ml made by Tacx. Perfect for cycling, the same bottle as used by the pro's

500 ml