Sports cookbook & sports nutrition guide

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  • Explore the impact of food on your body & benefit of certain types
  • Find delicious recipes & what to eat on rest days versus training and competition days
  • Learn how to incorporate sports nutrition into your daily diet

The importance of sports nutrition is widely recognized today. This is hardly surprising since the fuel your body burns during sporting activities comes from what you eat and drink. That’s why it’s important to consume the right kind of nutrients at the right time. Similarly, you wouldn’t put diesel fuel into a car that runs on petrol, would you?

It’s not always easy to match your diet to your performance level. This brochure shows you how to properly incorporate sports drinks, recovery drinks, sports nutrition bars, energy gels and other dietary supplements into a healthy daily diet plan. Together with Etixx Sports Nutrition, Stephanie Scheirlynck, offers sound sports nutritional advice.

Buy the sports cook book now and find all the recipes you need to provide your body with the right fuel.

Your nutritional requirements will depend on your training load, and, as a result, vary from day to day. That’s why this cookbook is full of nutritious recipes that not only distinguish between rest days and heavy training days but also between days spent on resistance training and competition as well. Furthermore, our additional nutrition tips provide inspiration when choosing meals on these days.

The recipes are designed in such a way that they not only meet the nutritional requirements of any sportsperson, but are easy to prepare as well. Wouldn’t you rather be resting or doing something you enjoy than spending two hours in the kitchen? Our recipes are well balanced, extremely varied and provide all the important nutrients you’ll need to properly fuel your body for these different situations. You’ll improve your stamina, speed up your recovery time and charge your body composition so you’ll not only feel better but perform better too.