Sport gummies

Contains carbohydrates for during exercise.

  • With carbohydrates for the quick replenishment of energy reserves.
  • Sport sweets with delicious cola taste.

The amount of available carbohydrates is a performance-determining factor for endurance sports and high-intensity intermittent exercise (alternating exercise and short breaks). That is why it is important to consume carbohydrates during this type of exercise. They make sure that the blood glucose level is maintained during the training and complement the muscle glycogen (stored sugar in the muscle).

The Etixx Sport Gummies are sport sweets and provide 33g carbohydrates per bag. They contain fast sugars required for the quick replenishment of energy reserves.

If no carbohydrates would be taken during long-term efforts, muscle glycogen stores would be depleted after ~90min. How many carbohydrates should I take during exercise?

  • Exercises < 1h(15): not necessary to consume carbohydrates during exercise .
  • Exercises 1-2h: 30g carbohydrates per hour (1 sachet Etixx Sport Gummies)
  • Exercises 2-3h: 60g carbohydrates per hour
  • Exercises >2.5-3h:   up to 90g carbohydrates per hour exercise.
Instructions for use

1 sachet of 8 gummies per hour of exercise


Sugar - Wheat sirup - Gelatin - Acid regulator: citric acid - Maltodextrin - Natural colour: caramel - Natural flavour: cola - Glazing agent: parafine

Nutritional information
Nutritional values Per 100g Per zakje
Energy (kcal) 358 143
Energy (kJ) 1519 608
Carbohydrate (g) 82.5 33
Sugars (g) 61.4 24.6


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