Running pack

Go the extra mile with Etixx

Are you training to annihilate your 10 km record? Or have you just run your very first competitive half marathon? Whatever the case, long distance running tests the boundaries of your endurance and boosts your overall fitness level.

In recent years, running has become very popular. It doesn’t take much equipment or investment to get started: a pair of training shoes and a training schedule is actually all you need, and anyone can do it. And another benefit: a beginner can get great results in a relatively short period of time.

Sports nutrition that really makes a difference

The right combination of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats is essential to making progress as an athlete. Etixx can help you to achieve your goals without overburdening your body. Our products have been tested extensively and are developed by a team of specialists that works with top athletes. Our unique formulas are designed in such a way that they give you everything your body needs before, during and after training. We only use high quality ingredients, and all of our products are subjected to strict quality controls. Every production lot is tested for prohibited substances and for substances recommended by Informed-Sport by an independent institution. This way, you can be sure that our supplements help you to maintain a healthy diet and to push your boundaries as a athlete.



  • Magnesium 2000 AA


  • Isotonic


  • Isotonic
  • Nutritional Energy Gel


  • Recovery Shake

Magnesium 2000 AA

Magnesium supports normal muscle function.

30 tabs


Isotonic sports drink rich in carbohydrates, with a 2:1 (glucose:fructose) sugar combination and with electrolytes.


Nutritional Energy Gel

A carbohydrate gel for fuel during endurance events.

12 x 38 g

Recovery Shake

Contains proteins which contribute to muscle recovery after exercise.


Drinking bottle 500 ml

See through drinking bottle 500ml made by Tacx. Perfect for cycling, the same bottle as used by the pro's