Hill climbing pack

Requirements for mountain climbing

Cycling itself already requires a great deal of preparation, both in terms of nutrition and training, but for mountain climbing the requirements are even higher. Mountain climbing demands extra strength, which can be gained through training on hilly routes. But training alone is not enough. The right nutrition is also essential to getting over those hills. Getting the right nutrition will give you that extra push to the top.

Preparation is important

When preparing yourself for cycle training in the hills, you have to consider your nutrition for the day of the event itself. Mountain climbing demands huge amounts of energy from the body, and it is therefore important that you get enough carbohydrates to optimise performance. In the week leading up to the race, it is important to increase your carbohydrate consumption by approximately 10-15%.

Reaching the summit with Etixx

If you store enough carbohydrates the day before cycling, then you will be able to endure 70 to 90 minutes of intensive exercise. After this, you will have to supplement additional fuel (carbohydrates) in order to avoid sudden fatigue. When cycling on hilly routes, it is important to pay attention to the timing of the consumption of carbohydrates. If the route is short, then it is important to consume the carbohydrates just before starting the climb. For longer climbs, it is better to consume them while climbing to give yourself the boost you need to get to the top. Don’t forget that it is very important to first test your fuel supply strategy during training. Jump on your bike, climb some hills with fuel in your pocket, and find out for yourself when the best time to refuel is.



  • Magnesium 2000 AA
  • Multimax


  • Carbo-Gy
  • Energy Sport Bar


  • Isotonic
  • Energy Sport Bar
  • Nutritional Energy Gel


  • Recovery Shake

Magnesium 2000 AA

Magnesium supports normal muscle function.

30 tabs


Vitamins and minerals.

45 tabs


Isotonic sports drink rich in carbohydrates, with a 2:1 (glucose:fructose) sugar combination and with electrolytes.


Energy Sport Bar

A perfect source of fuel for endurance athletes.


Nutritional Energy Gel

A carbohydrate gel for fuel during endurance events.

12 x 38 g


Energy drink / a carbo loader for intense endurance events.


Recovery Shake

Contains proteins which contribute to muscle recovery after exercise.


Drinking bottle 500 ml

See through drinking bottle 500ml made by Tacx. Perfect for cycling, the same bottle as used by the pro's

500 ml