Creatine 3000

Creatine (Creapure®) improves performances during explosive power efforts.

  • Performance enhancement during short repeated sprints or repeated maximum efforts (e.g. interval training)
  • Increase of muscle strength and mass
  • Contains glutamine and taurine: supports the muscle-building

During high intensity exercise, energy comes from the breakdown of ATP in the muscles. We only have a limited amount of ATP, merely enough to sustain activity for 2 seconds, and therefore phosphocreatine (PC) is used to regenerate ATP and sustain effort. Creatine supplementation works to increase the amount of PC in the muscles. This means that more ATP will be regenerated and the muscles will have more fuel to enhance performance during short term intensive exercise.

The Etixx Creatine 3000 supplement also contains glutamine and taurine- two key amino acids.

Who can benefit from taking Etixx Creatine 3000?

The Etixx Creatine 3000 supplement is ideal for supporting athletes that primarily participate in power sports and sports with intermittent sprints (i.e. team sports such as football). It has been shown that creatine can provide performance benefits for any exercise involving repeated sprints or intensive exercise of a short duration (<30 seconds) with short breaks (<1 minute). This could include sports or events such as sprinting, basketball, sprint cycling and rugby.

Instructions for use

Adults: 4 tablets a day. The beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 3 g of creatine (= 4 tablets).


Creatine monohydrate - Bulking agents: microcrystalline cellulose, hydroxypropylcellulose, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, magnesium stearate, talc - Taurine - L-glutamine - Colors: concentrated safflower, apple, black current, radish, titanium dioxide - Firming agent: medium chain triglycerides - Glazing agent: glycerin.

Nutritional information
Per tablet Per 4 tablets
Creatine Monohydrate 750 mg 3 g
Taurine 200 mg 800 mg
L-Glutamine 50 mg 200 mg