Arginine 1000

Iron contributes to normal oxygen transportation in the body.

  • Contains iron which supports a normal oxygen transport and contributesto a normal energy metabolism
  • Provides increased blood supply to the muscles

Arginine is an amino acid which can be produced in the body, but in certain circumstances it may become essential to include in the diet. The availability of arginine varies greatly from one person to another and therefore supplementation may be useful.

In the body, arginine changes into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is important for exercise as it may help to improve circulation and blood flow by encouraging blood vessels to relax. When blood flow increases during exercise there will be enhanced delivery of oxygen to the working muscles and therefore exercise capacity may increase.

Arginine also plays a role in wound healing and the immune system.

The added iron in the Etixx Arginine 1000 supports normal oxygen transportation and also contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Who can benefit from taking Etixx Arginine 1000?

Etixx Arginine 1000 may be of particular benefit to endurance athletes.

Instructions for use

1-3 tablets, 1.5 hours before your session or competition

Daily dose of L-arginine should not be over 9 g (9 tablets)


L-arginine – Bulking agent: Cellulose – Glazing agent: Magnesium stearate – Anti-caking agent: Silicon dioxide – Iron bisglycinate

Nutritional information
Composition per tablet
L-arginine 1,000 mg
Iron Bisglycinate 17.8 mg = 2.8 mg iron (=20% ADH)


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