Medical information Article 2

Article 2 

50% of the doctors want to prescribe nutritional supplement. More than 35% of the American people- 72 million  men and women- choose a form of the additional medicine. Only 40% dares to tell their doctor that he or she uses additional nutritional supplement.

The Institutes of Health did a research with almost 4000 doctors and came to the conclusion that the half of the respondents would prescribe nutritional supplements if it shows that they actually will work!! The use of nutritional supplement had an increase in the period 1980-1997 with 380% in the United States. The institute of medicine wants to set up a new criteria where it shows if a substance is working as a supporting or already existing treatment therapy for a certain medical issue.

In the book Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the United States, that will be published next month, but the Orthofyto editors already read the proof example of it, states that the American congress( the parliament) were asked to change the rules about the requirements of nutritional supplements should met.

All the nutraceuticals should be scientifically supported and doctors should have a better access to the core of the studies that will clarify the possible working mechanism of a supplement.

Doctor Stuart Bondurant, that is a member of Board on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention , writes in the book that are many nutritional supplements on the market were their content does not match with the composition that is stated on the label.

In the future only scientific sustained and controlled supplements will be taking into consideration to be prescribed by doctors. Only a number of companies are doing a solid research and product quality control.

Dr. Bondurant, that is linked to the Georgetown University School of Medicine in Washington D.C., also writes that all of the information of supplements and medicines should be written in understandable language so that doctors and patients could understand it. The purpose is that the patient- along with the doctor-, let them choose between classic medecine, a complementary treatment or a combination of both. Clinical studies will stay the ´´golden standard´´ to find out the efficiency of a substance. The author also considers that the criteria indications to proof a certain substance of a nutritional supplement, should be less strict.

´´ Nutraceuticals are substances that are in  the transition between nutrition and medicine. If clinical research is not achievable, then observational, or case control studies should be make clear if a substance may or may not be qualified to be prescribed by a doctor.