Medical information Article 1

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Surely you will recognize some of my arguments in the underlying paragraphs that is related with nutritional supplements( valuable studies? effectiveness of a product?.....

The first paragraph is clearly written by someone in the nutritional supplement world, the second part is a bit more critical, doctors want hard proof of the effectiveness of a substance based on a extended medical study.

Article 1 

Different research results, that were published in different massamedia, shows that nutritional supplements don't work and that it is actually dangerous for your health.
What is the reason behind this negativism?

Scientific research is very expensive. This means that only some of the big multinationals have the financial capacity to finance big clinical studies. These companies don't gain any benefit researching nutritional supplements. The reason behind this is that nutritional supplement cannot be patent.

This means that the profit margins in comparison with a new medicine are negligible.

Doctor Ray Strand: ´´Classic doctors and scientists have a strong urge to see nutrition as a medicine. It is dramatic to see that classic doctors don't know nothing about synergetic effects that are so typical for the nutritional medicine. Attacking the value of the vitamins and the nutritional medicine by comparing them with medicine is just hypocrite en it just shows straight up nutrional ´analfabetism´.