Deliveries & Returns

How do I place an order

To place an order online, visit, select the products you want to buy by adding them to your shopping basket.

Afterwards visit the shopping basket ( to confirm your order, shipping details and select the payment method.

How to place an order by using loyalty points

Start by adding your required products into your shopping basket (same way as if you would buy them). When you visit your shopping basket, each product which can be purchased with loyalty points will have an indiciation how many points are needed and the button 'redeem points'. Click on this button next to each item you want to use your loaylty points for and these will automatically be deducted from your bill. Take into account that you need to have the full number of loyalty points to be able to purchase the product. (You cannot use your points as a discount and pay for the remaining part).

More info about loyalty program: click here.

Which payment methods are accepted?

The payment methods below are accepted on the website.

Shipping costs & delivery times

We offer free shipping from orders above €40 ! (This is calculated on the end price after deduction of discounts)
We can ship to any country in Europe and Australia. Country specific transit times & shipping costs can be found below and are according to the standards of UPS (

Watch the transit time for your country on our map!

Shipping costs for each country we deliver to

Andorra€ 18,00
Austria€ 10,00
Bulgaria€ 14,00
Switzerland€ 18,00
Czech Republic€ 10,00
Germany€ 8,00
Ireland€ 4,99
Liechtenstein€ 18,00
Ireland€ 4,99
Liechtenstein€ 18,00
Denmark€ 9,00
Estonia€ 14,00
Finland€ 10,00
Greece€ 14,00
Hungary€ 14,00
Ireland€ 4,99
Liechtenstein€ 18,00
Ireland€ 4,99
Liechtenstein€ 18,00
Lithuania€ 14,00
Luxembourg€ 8,00
Latvia€ 14,00
Monaco€ 9,00
Norway€ 18,00
Portugal€ 10,00
Romania€ 14,00
Slovenia€ 15,00
Slovakia€ 14,00

Shipping outside of Europe or Australia

If you would like to place an order to any country outside of Europe or Australia, please check our partner Amazon.

How can I track my shipment?

When you place your order on, you will receive a confirmation mail including your order details and your order number. Make sure you save this mail as you will need this number to identify your order in case you have any questions concerning the delivery.

Once the order has been shipped, you will receive a second mail which will contain a track&trace number that can be used to track your shipment on In case you have any questions about your shipment, you can contact our customer service who will help you further! Click here.

Order FAQs

I entered wrong delivery details, can I change these?

These can be changed if you notice this right after placing your order. In that case, use our contact form, clearly indicate your order number and what the error is so these can be adjusted. In case the order has already been shipped by the time you notice it, the package will be sent back to our offices and your payment will be reimbursed.

I tried to place an order online, but I had technical issues, what can I do?

Please send us a description of the problem, the more detail, the quicker we can help! In case you were placing an order, please enter the date, your name, country, error you received and the steps you took before you reached it.

I received damaged goods or an incomplete order, what do I do?

In very exceptional cases, it may happen that goods are damaged upon receipt. In this case, please send us a picture of the damaged good and we will make sure you receive a new item asap.
In case your order is incomplete, this might be an error from our shipment center, or due to an out of stock of a certain product. If we have out of stocks, you will have received an email with the notification that your package will be sent in two parts. In case you would like to know when you will receive the rest of your package or would like to cancel these items, please send a mail to our customer service.

I haven't received my package yet, what do I do?

Please check our transit times to see if your package has been delayed. In case it has, you can check the status of your delivery through the track&trace number you received. If you enter this number at, you will be able to follow the position of your package. You can also mail our customer service for additional help.

Any order question can be directed to our contact page