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Recovery test pack

Select this pack when you want to try the various options of (Etixx) recovery products!

2 x Recovery Shake
2 x Recovery Sport Bars
1 x High Protein Shake
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Recovery is the first step to reaching higher levels as it is crucial to treat your body wel after exercising. If you perform without giving your body the necessary recovery, you will not only fail in reaching your highest level, it can even have a negative effect to your stamina.

What's needed for good recovery? Protein is the crucial aspect here as this builds up or repairs your muscle mass. Though carbohydrates are needed to replenish energy stores, so these should be added after high intensity training or exercise.

Want to give it a try? Try our recovery pack now! It contains:

  • 2 sachets of recovery shake: Contains high quality proteins, carbohydrates and is rich in vitamins & minerals. Perfect option to recover after races or high intensity trainings
  • 2 recovery bars: This is the non-liquid version of our recovery shake. Chose this option when feeling hungry after training or when you need to cover a relatively long time span between exercising & your next meal.
  • 1 sachet of high protein shake: Contains proteins and limited carbohydrates & fats. Select this option when you want to focus on building muscle mass, after lighter trainings or when you need to control your weight.

Make sure you do your recovery as quick as possible after exercising! We advise to do this within half an hour after your training to reach optimal results! Good luck!