a supplement for female athletes
  • A combination of plants, vitamins and minerals to support the active woman
  • Contains Avena sativa that contributes to normal hormonal balance
  • Added vitamin E which helps to protect cells from oxidative damage

Etixx Ladypower contains a combination of plants vitamins and minerals to support the female athlete. This could help to address some of the stresses that are placed specifically on the female athlete.

Female athletes may benefit from taking folic acid which can be found in the Etixx Ladypower supplement. Folic acid contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, contributes to normal psychological function and helps with the normal production of blood. Folic acid also plays a role in the synthesis of serotonin (a neurotransmitter that has a role in well-being and happiness).

The Etixx Ladypower contains avena sativa (a herb) which may improve hormonal balance. This may help the female athletes with any small hormonal issues they may have. It also has added centella asiatica which helps to maintain a good cognitive function.

The Etixx Ladypower contains Vitamin E which protects cells from oxidative damage. It is a supplement for active, athletic women.

Who can benefit from taking Etixx Ladypower?

The Etixx Ladypower is suitable for all athletic women who want to maintain their energy and vitality.

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Instructions for use

2 capsules per day, for at least 1 month.

Nutritional information
Composition per 2 capsules:
Vitamin B518 mg (300% RI*)
Vitamin E 30 mg (250% RI*)

Folic acid

400 μg (200% RI*)
Avena sativa extr. 300 mg
Hippophae rhamnoides extr. 100 mg
Turnera diffusa extr. 70 mg
Centella asiatica extr. 70 mg
* RI = Daily Reference Intake


Haver (vrucht) droog extract (Avena sativa, Arabische gom) - Duindoornpoeder (olie van zaad) (gestandaardiseerd op 25 mg omega 7) (Hippophae rhamnoides) - Damiaanblad droog extract (Turnera diffusa, maltodextrine) - Gotu Kola (kruid gestandaardiseerd droog extract) (Centella asiatica, Arabische gom) - D-alfatocoferol - Vulstof: Magnesiumsilicaat - Glansmiddel: Magnesiumstearaat - Antiklontermiddel: Siliciumdioxide - Calcium D-pantothenaat - Pteroylmonoglutaminezuur - Gelatine