Junior Recovery Shake

an ideal drink for junior athletes to contribute to post-training and competition recovery
  • With maltodextrin (fast sugars) for quick replenishment of muscle glycogen
  • With high-grade protein (whey protein)
  • Added calcium needed for the normal growth and development of the bones of children

During intense training and competition, the main source of fuel is muscle glycogen and therefore in prolonged events these fuel stores become depleted. It is very important that athletes, including junior athletes, replenish these stores to enhance recovery and ensure they are adequately prepared for their next session. The Etixx Recovery Shake junior contains carbohydrates which are quickly absorbed to start the refuelling process. Not only that, but it is also very important that athletes consume protein following intense sessions. The Etixx Recovery shake contains whey protein which is one of the most complete protein on the market and contains essential amino acids. Combining the intake of carbohydrate and protein in recovery has also been found to enhance muscle glycogen replenishment.

The Etixx Recovery Shake Juinor also contains calcium that is an important nutrient for young athletes. Calcium is needed for the normal growth and development of the bones of children.

The Etixx Recovery Shake Junior is convenient to carry around and easy to drink following a session. It contains 24 g of carbohydrate and 10 g of protein per 40 g serving as it a great way to kick-start your recovery process.

Children often have a lack of appetite after an intensive training or competition. They often eat in the car, on the road from one activity to another. In these situations the Recovery Shake Junior is an easy and quick way to take in enough energy and to ingest the most important food products (carbohydrates and proteins) necessary for a good recovery after exercise. Not only that, but children tend to have higher nutritional needs to support growth and therefore the Etixx Recovery Shake Junior could be used as an extra source of important nutrients following exercise.

Who will benefit from the Etixx Recovery Shake?

The Etixx Recovery Shake Junior contains a rich blend of carbohydrates (glucose and fructose), whey proteins and calcium that provide a rapid replenishment of energy reserves. This makes the Etixx Recovery Shake Junior suitable for any junior athlete to consume after an intense or prolonged workout or game.

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Instructions for use

immediately AFTER training/competitiondissolve 40 g (1 spoon) in 250 ml water/milk

The Etixx Junior Range is a complete range specifically aimed to complement the daily needs of exercising children.

DAILYMultivit Junior:

for optimal support of the daily vitamin and mineral needs

BEFOREIsotonic Junior:

to support fluid balance and quickly replenish energy and electrolytes

DURINGIsotonic Junior:

to support fluid balance and quickly replenish energy and electrolytes

Sport gummies:

for extra fuel during exercise

AFTERRecovery Shake Junior:

for replenishment of energy reserves after the exercise

Nutritional information

Nutritional valuesPer 100 gPer 40 g
Energy (kcal)375150
Energy (kJ)1588635
Protein (g) *25.110.0
Fat (g)3.61.4
Carbohydrates (g)59.523.8
Sugars (g)44.017.6
Fibres (g)2.10.8
Salt (g)0.10.04

*Type proteins: whey protein isolate, milk proteins

Per 100 gPer 40 g
Vitamins and minerals% RI% RI
Calcium (mg)86110834443


Whey protein isolate (soy, milk) 9,5 g - Saccharose 9 g - Dextrose 5 g - Maltodextrin 5 g - Whole milk powder (milk) 4 g - Fructose 2 g - Cocoa powder (soy) 4,75% - Flavour - Calcium citrate -Thickeners: Guar gum, Xanthan gum - Calcium carbonate - L-Isoleucine - L-Leucine - L-Valine - Sweetener: steviol glycosides.