Full Training Complex Shake

An ideal shake for pre training fuel or post training recovery

  • Use as a snack, for pre training fuel or for post training recovery
  • High protein content to support muscle building
  • High carbohydrate content to enhance fuel stores
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Suitable for vegetarians

The Etixx Full Training Complex Shake is an easy and quick way to support energy for training/competitions as well as providing essential nutrients for recovery after exercise (carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals). It is convenient to carry around and easy to make and therefore is ideal for busy athletes. This shake is not to be used as a meal replacement for breakfast, lunch or dinner, but can be used as:

  1. A snack- Athletes can sometimes struggle to meet the energy requirements of their demanding training programmes and therefore this shake is a great and convenient way of adding extra nutrients into the diet. It can be used during periods of reduced appetite, heavy training load or as a snack when there is limited time between sessions in a day.
  2. Pre-training shake- this shake contains both a high dose of carbohydrate and a high dose of protein and therefore is ideal to use for pre-training fuel for strenuous exercise sessions (i.e. intense interval training). When used in this situation, it should be drank about an hour before training.
  3. Post-training recovery- The carbohydrates and protein in this shake make it ideal for recovery from lower intensity sessions. Try to consume within half an hour of finishing a session for optimal recovery.

This Full Training Complex Shake can be combined with the consumption of an Etixx Energy Sport Bar to increase the carbohydrate content. This would be ideal for preparing athletes for intense endurance sessions.

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Instructions for use

It is recommended to use the following doses:

Full Training Complex Shake Whey (strawberry)Full Training Complex Shake Soy (chocolate)
As snack meal60 g (2 spoons) in 250 ml water/milk50 g (4 spoons) in 500 ml water/milk
20 min. before the training30 g (1 spoon) in 125 ml water/milk25 g (2 spoons) in 250 ml water/milk
Nutritional information

Note: These values are representative of the most current product formulations. There may be some very minimal variations in these values dependent on the product range.

Nutritional valuesPer 100 gPer 60 gPer 100 gPer 50 g
Energy (kcal)368221340170
Energy (kJ)1,5559331440720
Protein (g)*362142.921.5
Fat (g)
Carbohydrate (g)452733.216.6
Sugars (g)241424.712.4

*Type of proteins in FULL TRAINING COMPLEX SHAKE SOY (STRAWBERRY): Whey protein concentrate

*Type of proteins in FULL TRAINING COMPLEX SHAKE SOY (CHOCOLATE): Soy protein concentrate – pea protein isolate

Amino Acid Profileg/100 gg/60 gg/100 gg/50 g
L arginine0.
L-aspartic acid1.
L-glutaminic acid6.

Per 100 gPer 60 gPer 100 gPer 50 g
Vitamins and minerals% RI% RI% RI% RI
Vit. B1 (mg)0.31280.19172.061881.0394
Vit. B2 (mg)0.56400.33142.631881.3294
Vit. B3 (mg)4.18262.511631.119515.697
Vit. B5 (mg)1.52250.91159.91655.083
Vit. B6 (mg)0.36260.22152.731951.3698
Vit. B9/11 (mg)0.261280.1577
Vit. B12 (µg)0.63250.3815
Vit. B7 (mg)0.01250.01150.153080.08154
Calcium (mg)44656268336007530038
Chromium (mg)0.01260.01150.123000.06150
Iron (mg)13.6976.8049
Phosphor (mg)178251071583011941559
Potassium (mg)26013156813566867834
Copper (mg)0.23230.14141.601600.8080
Magnesium (mg)1062864173379016945
Manganese (mg)0.51250.30151.73870.8743
Sodium (mg)8751.1015075
Zinc (mg)3.23321.6216

RI - Reference Intake



50 g powder contains:

Soy protein concentrate (Soy) 25 g - Glucose 12.5 g - Cacao powder (Soy) - Maltodextrin 2.8 g - Pea protein isolate 2.5 g - Creatine monohydrate 834 mg - Potassium phosphate - Calcium carbonate, Flavour - Magnesium citrate - L-carnitine-L-tartrate - Sweeteners: sucralose, acesulfame K -Nicotinamide - Pantothenate - Biotin - Pyridoxin HCl - Riboflavin - Thiamin HCl - Iron bisglycinate - Alpha-amylase (Gluten) -Lactase - Lipase - Manganese citrate -Chromium picolinate


60 g powder contains:

Whey protein concentrate (Soy, Milk) 27.9 g - Maltodextrin 12 g - Fructose 6 g - Dextrose 6 g -Flavour -Inulin 2.6 g - Milk powder (skimmed) - Thickener: guar gum - L-leucine-Magnesium citrate - Calcium carbonate - Natural colouring agent: beetroot powder -Nicotinamide - Pantothenate - Cyanocobalamin - Biotin - Pyridoxin HCl - Thiamin HCl - RiboflavinNatural flavour - Manganese citrate - Chromium piccolinate


Contains glutenNo gluten
No LactoseContains Lactose
Contains soyContains soy
Suitable for vegetariansand vegansSuitable for vegetarians, not for vegans