a carbo loader for intense endurance events

  • Contains both fast (maltodextrin) and slow (fructose) sugars for prolonged energy supply
  • The product can be used as carbo-loader, in combination with a diet rich in carbohydrates
  • Added vitamins B1 and B2 to support energy production
  • You can drink Etixx Carbo Gy warm- great for winter training!

Carbohydrates are the main fuel for endurance events and depletion of carbohydrates is one of the main cause of fatigue. To perform at your best, it is important that you maximise muscle glycogen stores before intense endurance exercise and also maintain muscle glycogen throughout the session to ensure you avoid fatigue. The Etixx Carbo Gy is a hypertonic drink and its main purpose is to deliver energy. It contains high doses of fast carbohydrates and slow carbohydrates meaning that they work at different absorption speeds to provide you with a more sustained supply of energy. Using this as part of a carbohydrate-loading strategy will allow you to maximise muscle glycogen stores.

The Etixx Carbo Gy also contains added vitamins B1 and B2 to support energy production.

Who should use Etixx Carbo Gy?

The Etixx Carbo Gy supplies carbohydrates in large doses and therefore is suitable for anyone that needs to take on large amounts of fuel. This might be in preparation for intense endurance events such as triathlons, marathons and cycling sportives or might be during a heavy training block for team sports such as rugby. This drink can be used pre-training to maximise fuel stores or during training to keep your fuel stores topped up. It can also be drank warm, making it an ideal fuel for training and competing in cold weather.

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Instructions for use

As carbo-loader70 g (4 spoons) in 500 ml water
BEFORE1.5-4 hours before*:

70 g (4 spoons) in 500 ml water

DURING70 g (4 spoons) in 500 ml water**

*The day of the competition/race it is recommended to drink Carbo Gy as the pre-competition meal. This can be either as a cold drink or a hot fruit tea.

**During competition and training, Carbo Gy is best used in cold weather and when there is not much time to eat and drink.

Extra tips:

An alternative to the Etixx Carbo Gy is to eat an Etixx Energy Sport Bar or Ginseng & Guarana Energy Gel in combination with 500 ml Etixx Isotonic.

  • Etixx Carbo Gy = 66 g carbohydrates
  • Etixx Energy Sport Bar (~30 g carbohydrate) + Etixx Isotonic (~30 g carbohydrates) = ~60g carbohydrates
  • Etixx Ginseng & Guarana Energy Gel (30 g carbohydrates) + Etixx Isotonic (~30 g carbohydrates) = ~60 g carbohydrates
Nutritional information

Nutritional valuesPer 100 gPer 70 g
Energy (kcal)386270
Energy (kJ)16391148
Fat (g)00
Protein (g)00
Carbohydrate (g) *94.466.1
Sugars (g)52.136.5

Per 100 gPer 70 g
Vitamins and minerals% RI% RI
Vit. B10.24210.1715
Vit. B20.30210.2115
Vit. B33.43212.4015
Vit. B9/Vit. B110.04210.0315

*Fructose: 49.7% - Maltodextrin: 45.7%


Fructose - Maltodextrin - Acid: citric acid - Flavour - Nicotinamide - Thiamine HCl - Riboflavin - Folic acid


  • No gluten
  • No lactose
  • No soy
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Suitable for vegans