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Tips to avoid an injury

Getting an injury is any athlete’s worst nightmare. Although you can’t guarantee that you’re not going to get injured there are a few things you can do to try and minimise the potential. Here are some top tips:

  1. Take care of your body

    Understand your body’s needs and the stress that you place on it...

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The running part of Ironman Hawaii - discover the nutritional plan of BMC-Etixx!

Although it’s more difficult than on the bike, it’s important to keep the fluid, carb and sodium intake high during the marathon as well. Drinking 1L each hour is of course a difficult challenge while running but the athletes need to try to get in as much as possible. It’s recommended to slow...

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Which fuel use the BMC-Etixx athletes during the cycling part at Hawaii?

In the transition from swim to bike we start with an Etixx Isotonic Gel. When cycling it’s very important to stay hydrated, that’s why we drink 1 liter Isotonic per hour and we get some additional water at the aid stations.

On the bike we strive for a carbo hydrate intake of 90 gram per hour, we...

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#Etixxteamlunch: pasta with tomatoes and capers

This month we could enjoy another tasty team lunch! We enjoyed a tasty and healthy pasta with tomatoes, olives and capers. Again we learned some interesting facts about our meal and its ingredients.

Capers are actually unopened flower buds from the capers plant which include less calories. When...

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What is carbo-loading and when should I use it?

Carbo-loading refers to the strategy of increasing carbohydrate intake in the build up to an intense and/or prolonged sporting event in order to maximize fuel stores. This is very important as carbohydrate availability is one of the main factors affecting performance in intense and/or endurance...