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Alberto Contador on our sports cookbook

Everyone who bought our sports cookbook yet can see that Alberto Contador gives his opinion on sports nutrition in it. Next to that we asked him a bit more about sports nutrition in general as a professional athlete. Find all answers in this interview!

Since when do you pay attention to being an...

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Etixx Teamlunch - Healthy Pizza

Like every month we could enjoy another teamlunch. This time we were spoiled with a delicious (and healthy) pizza!

Like you already know, a new teamlunch goes along with some new facts, this time about pizza.

Healthy (?!) pizza

It is commonly known that a pizza from a restaurant is way less healthy...

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Pistachio Cheesecake

Recipes resistance training





Preparation time: 3 hours

Makes 1 serving

Nutritional value per serving:

440 KCAL

50 G Carbohydrate

23 G Protein

17 G Fat


25 g pistachio nuts

4 ladyfingers

15 g margarine

2 leaves of gelatine

juice of 1 lime

200 g...

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How can I minimise the chance of injuries?

Getting injured is every athlete’s worst nightmare, but unfortunately for those who compete and train regularly injuries are not uncommon. In soccer, the most common injuries are those to the lower extremities and include things such as tears in the knee ligaments (ACL/PCL), sprains, strains or...

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What's the difference in energy usage between flat and steep rides?

Simply put, cycling uphill is more difficult than cycling on a flat terrain. This is because when you’re cycling uphill, you have to work harder to pedal against gravity. Therefore on steep and hilly terrains, you are likely to burn more calories and will need more fuel. Calculating an exact...