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What should you eat before soccer training?

As a soccer player, it is vital that you understand your nutritional requirements to make sure you’re always performing at your best. Eating foods that will compliment your training is very important for ensuring that you can complete training and matches without fatigue whilst also recovering...

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Etixx products suitable for people with a gluten allergy.

“Hi, I suffer from a gluten allergy but I really like cycling. Sometimes it is hard for me to find the right products to keep me going. What would you suggest?”

Luckily many of our products are suitable for people with a gluten allergies. If you want to fuel your exercise but you need to avoid...

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Sanne Verstegen's recipe for Banana Bread

We are always happy when an athlete make a yummie recipe with one of our products! That’s exactely what Sanne Verstegen van Global Sports Communication did. She made a banana bread pudding in which she included our High Protein Shake. A must try!

Mix in a large mixing bowl:

  • 100 g almond flour...
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Comparison of our different Energy Gels

Energy gels are great for including in a fuelling strategy as they can give you a boost of fuel when you really need it. They are very easily digested (within 5-10 minutes) and you should always carry some with you in case you reach a point of fatigue. In the Etixx range, we have three energy...

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What is isotonic and why should you drink it during training?

In simple terms, isotonic drinks are called isotonic because they contain similar concentrations of salt and sugar to the human body. This specific composition means that they are very good at replacing fluids and supplying energy. When playing soccer you will be burning a lot of fuel in the form...