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Training Your Brain to Win: The Psychology Behind Peak Performance

Peak performance isn’t just about getting your body in the right place; it’s about training your mind as well. And getting your brain in shape to help you perform your best can be just as hard as those long hours on the bike.

Many elite athletes pay just as much attention to the psychology behind...

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How are my hydration needs different in the winter vs summer?

Many athletes are surprised to learn that their sweat rate does not change just because the temperature drops. The sweat rate is also determined by numerous factors, including fitness level, pace and acclimatization. Athletes are just as likely to become dehydrated during winter workouts as they...

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ABCDEtixx: acidification

When an athlete is performing at a very high intensity, the body mainly gets it energy from the breakdown of glucose and glycogen. During these breakdown processes, lactic acid is formed. This lactic acid element separates into lactate and a proton. This proton lowers the acidity, or pH, of the...

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ABCDEtixx: glucose

When carbohydrates are digested, they become glucose. Carbohydrates mainly come into the blood as the single carbohydrate glucose. After this, the bodily tissues take in the glucose where it can be burnt. This is where the energy for our body originates. Glucose is also often called dextrose and...

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Nutrition for the vegetarian athlete

Over the last years, vegetarianism has been gaining popularity amongst athletes. This can certainly be related to success stories from athletes like Martina Navratilova (tennis), Dave Scotte (5 times winner Ironman) and others who promote vegetarianism. This article depicts why athletes opt for a...