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Training Your Brain to Win: The Psychology Behind Peak Performance

Peak performance isn’t just about getting your body in the right place; it’s about training your mind as well. And getting your brain in shape to help you perform your best can be just as hard as those long hours on the bike.

Many elite athletes pay just as much attention to the psychology behind...

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ABCDEtixx: Isotone

If a drink is isotone or not, is related to the amount of particles that are in the drink, in comparison to the amount of particles that are in the blood. This is calculated per liter and is called ‘osmolarity’. Osmolarity is important, because the difference in the concentration of particles in...

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Force marks 10th season with pioneering partnership With Etixx SPORTS NUTRITION

The Western Force and RugbyWA have launched a pioneering major partnership
with international sports supplement brand, Etixx Sports Nutrition.

Etixx Sports Nutrition, to be launched in Australia in January 2015, is one
of the fastest growing sports nutrition brands in Europe and will be the