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Training during winter: nutritional advice

Winter Nutrition Tips

Fuel Up

Reaching for and chewing through a frozen energy bar can often put people off fuelling properly on a winter ride but as well as leaving you tired and fatigued, improper fuelling can have an impact on your general health. Immune suppression has been noted in the...

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The maximum oxygen intake (VO2max) is the maximum amount of oxygen in the muscles that can be used per unit of time and will determine in important degree of endurance when exercising for medium (3-10minutes) and long (>10minutes) duration.

Considering the important genetic factor is the...

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5 top vitamins for athletes

Athletes put high demands on their body and can therefore possibly benefit from taking supplement high in vitamins and minerals. In periods of fatigue, dieting, disease or recover after injury  lacks of vitamins and minerals can occur.

Etixx has put the top 5 of vitamins and minerals...

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4 delicious ways to boost your immunity

In order to maintain your health and perform well throughout the duration of racing season, it is essential to not only fuel your muscles and energy systems but your immune system as well. While the triathlon lifestyle generally helps immune resistance, some studies have shown longer periods of...

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How are my hydration needs different in the winter vs summer?

Many athletes are surprised to learn that their sweat rate does not change just because the temperature drops. The sweat rate is also determined by numerous factors, including fitness level, pace and acclimatization. Athletes are just as likely to become dehydrated during winter workouts as they...