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Tinkoff & Recovery

Tour de France time! The Tinkoff team is going hard so lots of recovery is needed. We asked the doctor of the team, Piet de Moor, about recovery process at the Tinkoff team!

“Recovery at the Tinkoff team is more or less the same for all members of the team. Within half an hour after the race they...

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Recovery from Multi-Stage Cycling

The start of a Tour comes with a huge array of challenges for all the riders. One of these challenges, is how to plan and prepare effective recovery strategies to allow them to perform at their best on back to back days of gruelling intensity and duration. A tour also presents a challenging...

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Training during winter: nutritional advice

Winter Nutrition Tips

Fuel Up

Reaching for and chewing through a frozen energy bar can often put people off fuelling properly on a winter ride but as well as leaving you tired and fatigued, improper fuelling can have an impact on your general health. Immune suppression has been noted in the...

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How to help your body recover faster after cycling

As anyone who’s cycled a 40km hill route would agree, recovery can be even harder than the actual climb. And yet, it’s strangely one of the parts of the cycling process that is most neglected. If you really want to start beating personal bests, you need to get your recovery right.

We’ve taken a...

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Etixx partner of Boels-Dolmans Cycling Team

The successful women's cycling team of Boels-Dolmans can count on the products of Etixx Sports Nutrition in 2016. The sports nutrition Etixx supplies has been developed and used by world class athletes.

"Our mission is to support optimal athletic performance by developing a complete range of...