How Global Sports Communication Athlete Naomi Sedney Survives the Holidays!

  Posted on December 07, 2016 09:40

Naomi Sedney, Global Sports Communication athlete, tells us how she experiences her holidays while combining professional athletics with her studies in psychology.

Do you have the opportunity to be with your family during the holidays?

Until now, I've always been lucky enough to be able to spend the holidays with my family: in fact most of the training group tries to spend the days around Christmas with their families. Account is usually also taken of this when planning the training loads, which is a good thing. My family is very important to me, and because I'm able to spend holidays like Christmas with them, missing them during long foreign training camps and competitions is less of a problem.

Are you able to celebrate the holidays in the same way as someone who is not a top athlete, or are you required to take account of certain things on such days?

During the holidays, I try to be an athlete as little as possible. You of course have athletics in the back of your mind, and I stick to the rule that I stop eating when I'm no longer hungry, so it's not like I stuff myself during the holidays. Plus my only aim is to enjoy the moment as much as possible and to be with my family.

When will your first competition in 2017 take place? When will you start preparations for it?

My first competition in 2017 will probably be the Dutch Indoor Championship (11-12 February). This competition will take place just after we arrive back from training camp. We’ll attend a one-month training camp in South Africa where I usually manage to make a lot of progress. I’m curious as to how this will be reflected in the first competitions. At training camp everything of course is better organised than at home. You need only take account of your training: even school is not attended while there. In addition, all your meals are prepared based on what you need. I do always make sure that I have enough protein shakes with me. During training, I'm a big fan of High Protein Bars and Recovery Bars. I need these a bit more in hot conditions than in cold conditions. Thus in general, I leave training camp very fit, and I'm hoping for a personal record during the Dutch Championship!

What does your 2017 schedule look like? Is everything fixed in advance, or is an extra competition inserted from time to time?

My 2017 schedule is not entirely fixed for the moment. The only thing for sure is the World Athletic Championships in London. The other competitions will be organised to optimise the build-up to that event. In any case, in April we’ll attend a training camp in America, after which we have more competitions scheduled starting in early May.

I usually set my competition schedule just over a month beforehand, and this schedule is also subject to adjustment as the year progresses. Sometimes, for example, a competition is added when I need more competition practice. I think it's very important to be as flexible as possible in this regard. After all, you can never judge in advance what you'll need throughout the season. The aim of course is always to peak at the right time.

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