Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise

Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise

Cycling team - UCI ProTeam

Since 2019, the pro racers at Sport Vlaanderen – Baloise have been using Etixx products every day to improve their cycling performances. Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise’s ambition is to give talented riders every opportunity to develop further. We are proud that, with Etixx, we can contribute to these young riders’ development so they can get the best out of themselves.

The fact that every batch of every production of the full Etixx range is tested by a WADA-approved LABORATORY for the presence of banned substances and it bears the approved "Informed sports" quality label was an important detail for the medical team at Sport Vlaanderen – Baloise to choose Etixx as their sports nutrition partner. 

The Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise runners’ favourite Etixx products:

  • Isotonic (lemon flavour)
  • Energy Nougat Sport Bar
  • Magnesium 100% Bisglycinate PRO LINE


Are you curious about the contents of the provisions bags that the runners at Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise receive along the way? Watch the video clip below and find out which Etixx products the providers give during the ride to optimise the young runners’ performance.

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