Etixx loyalty program

How does it work?

On each packaging of an Etixx product, you will find a unique code (xxxx-xxxx-xxxx). Each of these codes are accredited a number of points linked with the value of the product.

To collect these points, log-in to your account on the website and enter the section ‘my loyalties’ (you can create an account on

In this section, you will be able to enter your unique codes, and see how many loyalty points you already saved up.

These points can be exchanged for Etixx merchandise. Each merchandise item will indicate the amount of points you need to buy this item. To select these items, simply place them in your shopping basket. During checkout, you will have the option to redeem your loyalty points for this item instead of paying for it.

TAKE into account you need to have sufficient points to be able to buy the article (you cannot use your points as a discount and pay for the remaining part).