What Etixx is all about

Sports Nutrition                   

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Etixx Sports Nutrition has been developed with, and is used by, some of the very best athletes in the world. Our mission is to support optimal performance by developing a complete range of unique, cutting-edge formulations with superior ingredients, supported by first-class product testing. Today and tomorrow, Etixx stands for the gold standard in sports Nutrition.


Etixx was founded in 2009. From the very beginning, it was set up as a company dedicated to the nutritional support of athletes at any time of their performance. To that end, we created a wide range of sophisticated nutritional products and supplements suited to the needs of all those who choose to be active on a professional, recreational, or amateur sports level. A mission we will continue to carry out, today and in the future.

Gold standard in sports nutrition

Etixx sports nutrition is driven by the philosophy 'a sound mind in a healthy body'. We strive to set ourselves apart based on some important factors:

  • Originally & continue to be produced in response to specific requests from world class athletes
  • Etixx caters not just sports nutrition for body, but also nutrition for the mind
  • Etixx has one of the broadest sports nutrition ranges available, covering not just nutrition but also vitamins, minerals & supplements
  • We believe we use the highest quality ingredients and blends
  • Etixx tablets & capsules are blister packed to optimise their bioavailability
  • Chelated forms of key ingredients are used to increase absorption into system
  • 100% of product batches are tested against the WADA list (+ another 160 substances we believe will be banned in the future). Etixx guarantees not to contain any banned substances and a sample of every batch is kept for 2 years post expiry date.

All good things take time

Our first supplement was 6 years in the making, taking a lot of meticulous planning, development, and testing. Since then, as our athletes asked for specific solutions, we’ve added a lot of products to our range to constantly be on the forefront of innovation.

Is that all?

No, there's plenty more... like the fact that we employ a team of specialists from different fields such as sports physiologists, biochemists, biomedical scientists, pharmacologists and worldclass athletes. Right from Etixx's beginnings in 2009, it was set up as a company dedicated to the nutritional support of athletes at any time of their performance. We are committed to delivering this aim into the future.

The Etixx philosophy

Our business philosophy differs from that of most of our competitors. Throughout the entire business process, our focus is firmly on fairness, health, high quality ingredients, and dedication - as is the case with the many athletes that use Etixx products.

It isn’t hard to see why: for Etixx, it is all about the athlete, who is informed about the supplements and their content as completely and honestly as possible. In addition, as a business we expect nothing but excellence every step of the way, in everything we do, from all our employees.

Based on this unique philosophy and the quality of our products, in Belgium we are the fastest growing brand and market leader in pharmacies.

Clean performance

One of Etixx’ core values is ‘clean performance’, a principle that is reflected in our philosophy. Not only do we create our nutritional products and supplements with natural ingredients based on extensive scientific research; we also follow a number of strict antidoping principles in our daytoday practice, bundled in an antidoping charter.