Anti-doping charter

We guarantee the cleanliness and quality of our products by following the highest standards on the market.

  1. We follow WADA regulations as well as all countryspecific doping legislations for all products.
  2. Etixx Sports Nutrition exclusively works with production facilities and materials where the absence of illegal substances and/or doping is guaranteed.
  3. Etixx Sports Nutrition is regularly audited by independent parties who verify that we maintain the highest production standards. To that end, we use a certified system compliant with
    • Hazard Analyses Critical Control Points (HACCP A & B)
  4. Each and every product batch that leaves the company is only released after it has been tested and granted a HFL certificate.
  5. In order to guarantee the quality and dopingfree nature of our products, Etixx Sports Nutrition stores reference samples of each product batch until up to two years after the expiry date.