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Ann Wauters’ opinion about the cooperation with Etixx by joining Mithra Etixx Castors Braine!

For those who missed the news yesterday: Ann Wauters – aka the Michael Jordan of female basketball – is returning to Belgium after 17 years of playing for the WNBA! Even better news, she will be joining the Castors Braine team which will be the Mithra Etixx Castors Braine team from now on!

When we asked Ann Wauters what her thoughts were about a cooperation with us as a sports nutrition partner, she gave us the following response:

“I am honestly very excited about working with Etixx since I have to admit I have never taken any specific sports nutrition during my career so far. Even in the WNBA (which is the woman’s national basketball league of America), this is not a common practice. The general idea is that sports nutrition is only for endurance sports so I’m very excited to learn which of your products can support my needs – especially while getting a bit older”, she added with a smile.

Also our CEO of Etixx NV and General Manager of Omega Pharma Belux Davy De Vlieger is looking forward to a promising collaboration:

“We are very happy to be able to work together with such an enthusiastic and open team such as Castors Braine - including their new star player. Since the goal of our international partnerships is to discover the needs of the respective sport population, it will be very interesting to start building this from scratch so we can grow together with the team in understanding the needs of basketball players. As always, with this collaboration we want to focus on fine-tuning our existing products and analysing if we should add additional products to our range to fully support basketball players. It was also a well-thought decision to partner with a club from the south of Belgium. Though we are already present in Wallonia, we want to focus more on this area to be able to provide the full and well spread out qualitative personal advise which we are already known for in Flanders.”

We are definetely looking forward to this cooperation! Follow our social media channels to stay updated about our cooperation with the team and Ann Wouters!