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The nutrition strategy of Uplace-BMC Pro Triathlon Team for the Ironman Hawaii

Tomorrow is THE day for everyone who is interested in triathlons, the Ironman in Hawaii. As Etixx fuels Frederik Van Lierde and the Uplace-BMC Pro Triathlon Team we are following the Ironman as good and as much as possible.

Bart Verhaeghe, president of the Uplace-BMC Pro Triathlon Team,...

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Why do you need antioxidants? And why do athletes need them even more?

Antioxidants, what are the functions and why do you need them?

To start: what are antioxidants? We start with an easy explanation. The word antioxidant means ‘against oxidants’. This is also the function of an antioxidant: the substance prevents damage in your body cells, which is arisen by...