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What's the difference in energy usage between flat and steep rides?

Simply put, cycling uphill is more difficult than cycling on a flat terrain. This is because when you’re cycling uphill, you have to work harder to pedal against gravity. Therefore on steep and hilly terrains, you are likely to burn more calories and will need more fuel. Calculating an exact...

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Will Clarke's reaction after his off day at Ironman Hawaii

He came to Kona with a lot of expectations but unfortunately he really had an off day at the 8th of October, the day he was working for all year, The World Championships in Hawaii. As he had an off day, things didn't go as they were supposed to go, luckily he was still able to finish.


October 27, 2016 14:20
Mainova Frankfurt marathon- Marathonmall

Mainova Frankfurt marathon

The 30th of October the 35th edition of Frankfurt Marathon will take place and more than 2000 teams (3 to 5p.) will be ready to it their all and fight for the victory. The route is flat so it can be run easily and quickly! The first part of the route leads the runners...